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        Indigenous: Storytelling in a Digital World

        Cover of Indigenous: Storytelling in a Digital World

        Artlink is priority reading for professionals seeking commentary on the most recent, advanced or cogent art of South Australia, Australian and the world.

        Erica Green
        Director, Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia

        Current Issue | Issue 39:2 | June 2019

        Larissa Behrendt (Eualeyai/Kammilaroi) is an academic, lawyer, novelist, filmmaker and presenter of Speaking Out, ABC RN. Pauline Clague (Yaegl) is an academic, writer and producer for 25 years, she has worked across many visual forms.

        Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been telling their stories for thousands of years. The last 230 years has been one of hiding or oppressing our voices. As our people begin to use the accessibility of new technology to strip the colonial constraints placed around their works, our artists are presenting a different lens to shape a new identity. In this way, they are “Indigenising” the space, using film, music, dance, performance, writing and the visual arts to unpack the archive, embracing the non-linear DNA of old storytelling techniques, to show that our culture is thriving and in many cases reviving in the digital space.

        Above: Bangarra performing Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu at Sydney Opera House. Photo: Daniel Boud. Cover: Larissa Behrendt and Pauline Clague in the Data Arena, UTS, Sydney. Photo: Ben Simons

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